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Patient Testimonials

00:31 28 Apr 24
I'm very happy with my procedures.
Marc EckertMarc Eckert
17:18 22 Mar 24
I (Megan) had a wonderful experience with Danielle for a facial and also the Nurse Practitioner Cassandra. They both took their time to discuss concerns and issues and I did not feel rushed. I had amazing results with both of them and will certainly be back. Thank you again!
Maria EliakostasMaria Eliakostas
18:55 08 Mar 24
I bought into a six month membership called Chi Laser Skin care. This involved getting a laser treatment on my face every month. Danielle has been wonderful. She’s help guide me and perform all my treatments. My face is so much clearer. I had redness and dark spots. Now I don’t even have to wear makeup. I’m loving my results. My membership is almost over and I’m really considering renewing for another 6 moths.
Karina MoralesKarina Morales
21:50 25 Jan 24
It wasn’t easy to get scheduled at all as a new client. The hours don’t work for people who work full-time, a 9-5pm job. On the website it says they close at 6 PM on Wednesdays, You should probably update your website . It’s the only day that is open late but apparently they still don’t book appointments after 4 PM. I asked for a 4:30 pm and they offered 8am which still doesn’t allow me to make it to work on time. You would also think they would be a little nicer to a new client over the phone. I requested an inquiry, they called me so I called back and they acted like they had no idea why I was calling. Better service From the front and office and hours would have gotten to me to Dr. Fugo.
Lisa PoplawskiLisa Poplawski
15:11 16 Jan 24
I began as a client here in 2023. I immediately loved how spacious and welcoming the office and staff were, along with the personable vibe. My experiences so far include Botox and laser hair removal. The staff are a great mix of knowledgeable and professional, with fun personalities. I’ve seen awesome results, even more so since my most recent appt with Danielle for laser hair removal. I 100% recommend Dr. Fugo’s office.
edward holmesedward holmes
09:02 28 Dec 23
Over the past 14 months I have had two post weight-loss skin removal surgeries on my upper body. Both were a great success and I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin. Dr Fugo and his staff were great and responded quickly to any questions or concerns I had during post opt recovery.
Courtney LCourtney L
17:43 24 Dec 23
I have been going here for the better half of a year. I chose to go here after much research and consultations with a couple different offices about the treatment I was looking to pursue. My aesthetician, Daniele is incredible! She's knowledgeable, kind and compassionate. She takes her time when providing treatments and truthfully, my treatments feel like I am hanging out with a good friend! The services offered are great and at reasonable prices. The office staff is also very welcoming and accommodating. They have rebooked an appointment for me with short notice when I had a work related issue which was going to cause me to miss the appointment otherwise. All in all, this place is great and I will be a repeat customer.
01:44 02 Dec 23
How can I even explain how fantastic Dr. Fugo and his team are? I am also in medical aesthetics, and I work as a trainer for the company that a few of Dr Fugo’s lasers come from. I had the pleasure of coming into the office to do a refresher training for his new esthetician to familiarize her with our technology. I was so impressed with their overall knowledge and technique with the treatments. They were so kind and welcoming and made the day so much fun! I travel all around the country to teach and train different medical facilities, but Dr. Fugo was the doctor I felt confident enough to come back as a patient and make an appointment with. He has wonderful bedside manner…as does all his staff/providers. He really takes the time to explain to you the procedure and what it entails as well as what the best options FOR YOU are, and why. You clearly can see he cares and he is very honest about what he suggests is the right game plan and to give you options. It made me feel at ease to know I was in such good hands with someone who knew what they were doing and cared about my result for my goals. It really speaks volumes about an office when they are regularly attending seminars and getting refresher trainings to make sure they are all up to date with the latest techniques and education. I am very happy I found this office and had the pleasure of becoming their patient! I look forward to many more visits for my maintenance! Thank you so much Dr. Fugo, Cassandra, and Danielle!! You all are exceptional.


My experience w Dr. Fugo has been very good. I am 62yrs old & almost 3mos. post OP, following my neck lift. I am very pleased so far w my results. Dr. Fugo is very honest & down to earth. He is very patient, caring & explained the procedure thoroughly. My results are amazing…no more turkey neck & no one can tell I’ve had anything done! I just look better and its exactly what I wanted. I wd recommend Dr. Fugo to anyone thinking of undergoing plastic surgery! Thank-you. Dr. Fugo💕



I love the office and staff! Prior to my visit with Dr. Fugo, I had never left an office feeling as if all of my questions were answered. I will be back!



Dr. Fugo and his staff are the best in the business! There truly is no one else out there that will take the time to listen to your wants/needs. His entire team is amazing, and his office is relaxing and immaculate.



I recently underwent a procedure with Dr. Fugo. Upon meeting him it was apparent he is a warm individual and as a medical professional has excellent ‘bedside manner’. During my initial visit he described the procedure in detail and answered all of the questions that I had. Upon going through the procedure I found him to be technically very competent and professional. Following the procedure I emailed him several times and he was extremely prompt with getting back to me, which I really appreciated. I am very happy with the results and would highly recommend him to anyone needing a plastic surgery procedure.



Dr. Fugo is extremely kind, knowledgeable, and won’t steer you in the wrong direction. All of the doctors/assistants there are professional and helpful. Great office, great staff.



Dr Fugo is amazing he has done 3 surgeries for me and I’ve never had a bad experience. He makes you feel so comfortable and his sense of humor is amazing. I would not trust anyone but him with my body



Extremely satisfied with the quality and professionalism provided by Dr. Fugo and his entire staff. I highly recommend him as a doctor who takes pride in working with patients to meet their needs and expectations.



Dr. Fugo answered all my questions pre and post op throughly, listed to my expectations and provided the results I was looking for. I highly recommend him.



Dr. Fugo is by far the BEST DOCTOR IN HIS FIELD that I’ve ever met!!!! His bedside manner as well as his work, is over and beyond excellent! If there’s anything you don’t like about yourself and are nervous and indecisive, go see him , he is thorough explaining everything. A family member of mine would not have had the procedure if it weren’t for him and his amazing staff. Call him, you won’t regret it!!!!



Dr. Fugo is so down to earth you can’t help but to feel like you’re talking to a friend at your first appointment. He takes time to explain everything so there are no surprises. I LOVE my results.

Breast & Body Patient


In my three year journey in search of an ideal surgeon, none compared to Dr. Fugo. He acknowledged, crafted and listened to every detail of my cosmetic surgery expectations and exceeded them all. He was patient with my numerous questions and concerns, and never made me feel like they were trivial. His staff also warrants outstanding accolades as they are a reflection of him and his welcoming work ethic. At other offices I’ve visited within a 50 mi radius (there were seven in total), either the staff looked ‘plastic’ or the doctor was apathetic to my concerns. Despite these potentially unnerving experiences, I pressed on and am happy to say that I highly recommend Dr. Fugo for any and all cosmetic or medical plastic surgery needs. I hope this review helps you with your personal journey. Many thanks Dr. Fugo!

Breast Patient


I never thought I’d be someone to contemplate having a breast augmentation. However, after nursing my three kids for the first year of their lives, my breasts looked pretty bad…saggy, misshapen. I felt I’d lost a good deal of my femininity and felt embarrassed during intimacy with my husband. I had no idea what to expect during my initial consultation. Dr. Fugo listened to my concerns, answered all my questions, and took his time ensuring I had no additional questions. He provided written information, explained the procedure, expectations, post-op results and emotions I’d feel and experience. He encouraged me to look at his work or other surgeons’ work to find the look I wished to have and email those images to him. The results are exactly what I wanted. He responded to any email I sent within a few hours. I’m thrilled with the experience I had here and I’d recommend his services to anyone! I am extremely satisfied with the results of my breast augmentation, my confidence has returned, and I definitely feel more feminine. Thank you, Dr. Fugo!

Body Contouring Patient


I recently underwent a procedure with Dr. Fugo. Upon meeting him it was apparent he is a warm individual and as a medical professional has excellent ‘bedside manner’. During my initial visit he described the procedure in detail and answered all of the questions that I had. Upon going through the procedure I found him to be technically very competent and professional. Following the procedure I emailed him several times and he was extremely prompt with getting back to me, which I really appreciated. I am very happy with the results and would highly recommend him to anyone needing a plastic surgery procedure.

Breast & Body Patient


After having two children, abdominal hernia repair and diastasis, I was very dissatisfied with my physical appearance. My breast sized was less than 34B, and my abdomen looked as if I was three months pregnant. I saw the work of Dr. Fugo through one of my co-workers and I was very pleased. I went to Dr. Fugo for breast augmentation but decided on a “Mommy Make-Over” (breast augmentation and abdominoplasty with liposuction). The service was exceptional and the end result of my procedure is something to wow about! Based on the doctor’s experience, I requested that he make the determination on breast saline implant size as I did not want to look disproportionate – I have no regrets. His judgment was amazing. Now, after inserting 400cc of saline in both breasts I am up to a 34C or 36B. I am extremely pleased with the size of my breasts and the flatness of my abdomen. There is no scarring on my breasts and they look so real. The incision from the abdominoplasty is so low, there is no way anyone will be able to tell that I had a tummy tuck when I wear a bikini. I am so happy with my new body….I get a lot of compliments from my spouse and coworkers on how amazing I look. I am not embarrassed of what I did, so I would share my story with my friends. My marvelous body gave them the privilege to see the job of Dr. Fugo first hand, and they are extremely impressed….now they too are interested to have a makeover! Dr. Fugo, thank you for an amazing body!

Breast Reconstruction Patient


“Wow. That is certainly a transformation!!! Thank You Dr. Fugo for making me feel whole again. Cancer didn’t win this one!!! It’s amazing how fast I forgot the ” old me”.

Breast Patient


I had done my research and was ready to get my breast augmentation surgery. I decided I would send an e-mail to Dr. Fugo and within just a couple of hours, received a response with detailed answers to most (if not all) of my questions. This was something that was very important to me and it made a great first impression. Dr. Fugo and his staff were extremely helpful and I rarely had any questions because he was so in depth and informative at all times. This made me feel very comfortable before, during, and after my surgery. Everything went so great and I would absolutely choose him again. There are no other options in my book!! Dr. Fugo was extremely informative and very detail-oriented. He was not only very professional, but kind and friendly, which helped to make this entire experience so positive. He was easy to talk to and I never hesitated to contact him if I had any questions or concerns. I have no negative comments to make about him. He’s simply amazing! 5 Stars for Everything.

Facial Cosmetic Patient


Thank you Dr. Fugo, I am thrilled with the outcome of my eyelid and brow left surgery. At only 50 years old my drooping eyelids made me look old, tired and sad. From my initial consult with you I felt comfortable and confident enough to let you perform the surgery (the thought of surgery on my face was a bit intimidating). Before the surgery the color of my eyes were barely visible. Now, there’s no doubt I have bright blue eyes and I don’t have to hide my droopy eye lids behind my glasses. And, although my eyesight has not improved my vision has improved significantly since I’m seeing so much more of the world around me. Thanks again Dr. Fugo, and thank you to the wonderful women in your office – Maryellen and Natalie for their patience and assistance.

Cosmetic Laser Patient


Dr. Fugo has an excellent eye for those of us that are plagued with spider veins on the legs. I had small spiders on my legs and ankles that I was determined to rid myself of. I tried to hide them with a spray on tan in the summer, but you could still see these little devils!. I work with kids that would ask me about the veins in my ankles/legs and I felt very self conscious. Dr, Fugo was also available when I would email him about my progress after my treatment. I am so glad that Dr. Fugo and his wonderful laser treatment has allowed me to bare my legs in the summer! Thumbs up for Dr. Fugo and his staff!

Breast Reconstruction Patient


A gifted doctor, as kind as he is skillful. Breast cancer is a hard slog, but Dr. Fugo’s beautiful work was a vital part of the healing process, as was his empathetic staff. I will be forever grateful to them all.

Facial Cosmetic Patient


My results look great! Thank you Dr. Fugo

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