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Follow These Tips to Have an Amazing Hydrafacial Experience

HydrafacialAre you in need of something new to feel beautiful and rejuvenated? Getting a hydrafacial can help you feel revitalized and more beautiful than ever. To help you get the most out of your hydrafacial experience, read our guide on what you should and shouldn’t do before your appointment.

How to Prepare

Wash Your Face

Your face should be clean of any makeup or sweat before you begin your session. Makeup will clog your pores. The hydrafacial machine works by using steam to penetrate your skin and unclog your pores. The more clogged your pores are, the less results you may see. Think of it like this: you’re wasting some of the hydrafacial’s potential by starting with a dirtier surface.

Do Not Exfoliate

You run the risk of scarring and damaging your skin if you exfoliate within a week of your session. Your skin will be exposed and sore after an exfoliation. Thus, it’s more prone to scarring if you follow it up with a hydrafacial. Furthermore, exfoliation and extraction are already a part of the hydrafacial service and too much exfoliation is likely to dry out, wrinkle, and age your skin.

Hydrate With Water

When you are dehydrated, your skin will appear drier and more wrinkled. Dehydration also makes dark spots more pronounced. On the other hand, being hydrated helps your skin to glow and look more youthful. Hydration also keeps your skin moisturized and healthy. Moreover, hydrating up should help your facial muscles feel relaxed after the session.

Limit Your Exposure to the Sun

Powerful equipment will be used to remove the buildup of dead skin cells from your face, thus leaving your pores exposed to sun damage and debris post-treatment.

Declutter Your Mind

A key to having a great cosmetic experience is to relax. You can de-stress by listening to your favorite songs during the drive to the center, ensuring you get plenty of rest before your appointment, cleaning your house, or wearing comfortable clothes.

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