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Why Exercise Can’t Get Rid of Gynecomastia

gynecomastia (3) (3)Gynecomastia, the overdevelopment of male breast tissue, is a relatively common disorder, affecting 32 to 65 percent of males. While gynecomastia does not typically affect health, most attempt to address the enlargement, often through exercise.

While exercise can have tremendous benefits, it is ineffective at directly dealing with the breast tissue of gynecomastia. While there are a few non-surgical options, the most popular and potentially most effective one is male breast reduction surgery, which excises the breast tissue.

Why Is Exercise Ineffective at Treating Gynecomastia?

The development of gynecomastia comes down to the reasons for the overdevelopment of breast tissue in men. Typically, the disruption of hormone levels that can happen from instances such as puberty, medications, disorders of the thyroid, and more lead to physiological conditions that promote breast tissue development.

Other factors that can disrupt hormones in male bodies include excessive fat, which can increase estrogen levels. Exercise may help reduce that fat and bring down estrogen levels, but the breast tissue may persist.

In that case, surgery may be your best option for a permanent solution.

How Effective Is Gynecomastia Surgery?

While results may vary, male breast reduction surgery is typically incredibly effective at removing the target breast tissue. Once removed, that tissue does not return. Most are satisfied with their results.

One study that asked patients to complete a questionnaire regarding their results found that over 93 percent of patients rated their results as “good” or “excellent.”

To know what you can expect with your male breast reduction surgery, be sure to speak with a trusted and capable surgeon.

Male Breast Reduction with Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jonathan Fugo

Gynecomastia is treatable. Working with a plastic surgeon who understands gynecomastia can give you the opportunity for the best results while mitigating potential complications and risks.

Board-certified surgeon Dr. Jonathan Fugo at Fugo Plastic Surgery, located in New Windsor, NY, has extensive experience with male breast reduction surgery. Dr. Fugo will spend time trying to understand your needs and goals to help deliver the best results possible.

To work with Dr. Fugo, call today at 845-535-1244 to contact our office.

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