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Benefits of A Hydrafacial over Other Treatments

beautiful woman with perfect smooth skin in tropical leavesKeeping healthy skin with a radiant look can often require a strict skincare regimen that  involves expensive skincare products.  This alone, as we get older, is just not enough to slow the effects of aging.

Thankfully, there are many non-invasive treatments performed in an office setting that can be the next step to keeping the youthful appearance you want. However, some of these require using chemicals that can be somewhat harsh and cause discomfort during treatment. Some of these also cause redness and peeling for days after.

A Hydrafacial can bring similar results of these other treatments in a much gentler process that comes with significantly less downtime. It is very similar to microdermabrasion as it removes the outermost layer of dead and dull skin cells but also has added features.

Through a handheld device that gently glides over the skin, the Hydrafacial system uses a strong suction to dislodge and remove dead skin cells from the treatment area. This cleans out and unclogs pores and stimulates collagen growth. The skin is exfoliated mechanically and chemically and then infused with peptides and ceramides.

The treatment finishes with the application of high strength “booster” serum customized for your specific skin needs. This continues to stimulate collagen growth and help rejuvenate and bring a youthful glow to your skin.

The Hydrafacial system does not use abrasive chemicals or tools to remove dead skin cells so it can be used with every skin tone and type. Also, unlike other treatments, there is almost no downtime or recovery after each treatment.

Call Dr. Fugo Plastic Surgery in New Windsor, NY, at #845-565-7040, or visit to schedule a consultation for a Hydrafacial to help you meet your aesthetic goals.

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