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Breast Augmentation: How to choose your size?

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Size, of course, is likely the single most important detail considered by women when it comes to achieving a bountiful breast. An important decision indeed, Dr. Fugo has had great success throughout his career in helping women make this decision. Excited to see for themselves what will fit their body best, women are eager and anxious regarding the selection of implant volume.


“Generic photographs are a great way to determine a woman’s desired implant volume”. Prior to your consultation with Dr. Fugo, spend a few minutes on the internet downloading 2 or 3 photos of breasts that you find aesthetically attractive. “Body type, skin color, height nor weight of the person in the photos is of any consequence. I’m simply looking to determine the relative size and shape my patient is looking to emulate with their own results.” Dr. Fugo doesn’t need pre and post-op photos, nor does he need photos from a plastic surgery website. “Any photos of nude breasts will do. Simply go to Google search, type in ‘Breasts’ and select just a few images from the thousands of images that are available.” Dr. Fugo tells his patients “It should be a quick process. First glance. Don’t overthink it. If you’re spending more than 5 minutes…..Yes…..5 minutes, you’re thinking too hard. It should be first instinct….first glance. Just the way most women find a pair of shoes that they like. They look and right away they know ‘I like those shoes!”

Many surgeons use sizers, or ziplock bags filled with rice. Dr. Fugo finds “these methods to be unreliable. They’re a poor substitute for an actual implant as they do not take into account the effect that the skin, breast tissue and underlying muscle have on the overall breast volume following surgery”.

Dr. Fugo also discourages implant selection based on perceived or desired cup size. “Cup size is completely arbitrary as there has never been a universal standard for cup size measurement. Cup size varies greatly depending upon what brand of bra you purchase. This measurement is completely arbitrary.”

Narrow Down Your Options

With his expertise as a board certified plastic surgeon and his years of experience in breast enhancement, Dr. Fugo’s advice is invaluable as you go about finding the right size, projection, and shape. “Much like you do with your hairdresser when you want a new hairstyle, bring me a picture of what you want to achieve. With these images and your anatomy, I’ll select the implant volume and projection that will most closely achieve your desired aesthetic.”

Photos are a great way to judge the actual size and the specific number of cc’s required to achieve the volume you desire.

It’s Fun!

For many women, searching the internet is the first time that they are able to visualize their breast augmentation. This can be a fun and even special time! We encourage you to involve your partner or significant other in your research, although in the end, remember this is a choice solely about you and your own unique desires.

See For Yourself at Dr. Fugo Plastic Surgery & Laser Skin Care Center

At our New Windsor practice, Dr. Fugo enjoys seeing a woman come into her own as she shares her “Wish Pics”. With your input and the experience of Dr. Fugo, we look forward to being able to assist you in achieving your desired aesthetic goal.

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