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Cosmetic Surgery for Wrinkles

A beautiful blonde woman in a gray tank top smiles with the city in the backgroundThere are many different treatments for fine lines and wrinkles – some of them surgical, some of them minimally invasive. You may even be able to combine more than one treatment for optimal results.

If you are unhappy with lines on your face, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jonathan Fugo. He will examine your skin, discuss your concerns with you, and help you choose the options that will work.

Xeomin. Just like BOTOX Cosmetic, this injectable softens the appearance of fine lines and creases caused by repeated facial expressions. It is ideal for softening folds between the eyebrows, across the forehead, and at the outer corners of your eyes. So if it is frown lines and crow’s feet that you are unhappy with, then this injectable might be the right option!

Facelift. It is possible that it’s actually sagging skin and jowls that you are unhappy with, and not necessarily the wrinkles alone. If so, then a facelift might be the right option. This procedure can be customized to meet your unique concerns, but generally you can expect a more defined jawline, reduction of deep folds around your mouth and nose, and reduction of the wrinkles and banding on your neck, and generally a more youthful looking facial appearance.

Brow lift. If you have deep wrinkles stretching across your forehead, then you may be a good candidate for a brow lift. This procedure elevates the brow so that it is smoother and firmer, but without sacrificing natural-looking results.

Dermal fillers. Oftentimes wrinkles are caused by the natural loss of fat and collagen below your skin. In these cases, the wrinkles can essentially be filled in and smoothed out with dermal filler injections. These injectables can be used on many areas of the face.

Individualized Guidance

If you are interested in facial cosmetic surgery or a non-surgical treatment to address fine lines and wrinkles, please call the practice of Dr. Jonathan Fugo at 845-565-7040. Dr. Fugo is a board-certified plastic surgeon in New Windsor, NY, and he is passionate about helping each of his patients find a cosmetic treatment plan that will achieve their goals.

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