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Do You Have An Embarrassing Tattoo?

Procedure laser removal tattoo of a womans tattoo in her back.It can happen to anyone. A spur-of-the-moment decision by yourself or with friends to get a tattoo. Maybe its placement no longer fits your lifestyle, or the design is becoming unrecognizable. Whatever your reason, you have tattoo regret. Don’t worry you are not alone. Twenty percent of adults with a tattoo regret the decision.

Dr. Fugo is excited to offer his patients a chance to remove unwanted tattoos with the revolutionary PicoSure® laser treatment. Now, with this revolutionary laser procedure, you can remove a tattoo with fewer treatments and less discomfort than with previous treatments.

What is PicoSure®?

PicoSure® laser tattoo removal is built for efficacy and safety. The device features rapid-burst energy output that lasts a mere one trillionth of a second. The reduced energy output is facilitated by PressureWave™ technology, which enables the laser light to break down pigment into smaller particles more quickly.

When laser energy hits a particle of pigment in a tattoo, that particle shatters. With PicoSure®, the particle shatters into minuscule pieces. As tiny particles, ink pigments are easily picked up by your lymphatic system, which flushes debris from the body.

The laser technology is safe for all skin types. It is developed for safety across the spectrum of pigments and complexions.

Rejuvenate Your Skin with PicoSure®

Along with tattoo removal, PicoSure® can also provide our clients at Fugo Plastic Surgery with a variety of skincare benefits. It is a non-surgical option that can restore a more youthful appearance to the body, face, hands, chest, and more.

The laser easily targets and treats several common skin issues like brown spots, sun damage, pigmented areas, and acne scars. The treatment breaks down the pigmented cells, in the same way, it removes tattoos.

You also do not need to worry about scarring after the procedure. The chance of scarring is estimated at less than two percent. Dr. Fugo will carefully evaluate your situation before recommending the treatment.

Contact Fugo Plastic Surgery online or call their New Windsor, NY office at 845-565-7040 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Fugo.

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