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Imagine Your Skin Without Foundation? Imagine SmartSkin!

In hopes of gaining insight into the minds of women everywhere, recently surveyed 3000 women from all 50 states. The question….What are their feelings towards their own natural beauty? Comfortable in their own skin, two thirds of the participants said they would leave the house without makeup. Yet, when asked what the one make-up product they could not live without, over 50 percent of the women replied “foundation”.

Bringing an even, uniform color to one’s complexion, foundation can be used to cover flaws, mask blemishes, hide wrinkles, and conceal sun and age spots. A list similar to what Dr. Fugo’s latest laser, Cynosure® SmartSkin, also achieves. Only, unlike foundation, SmartSkin permanently restores the skin’s appearance.

What Is SmartSkin?

SmartSkin is a the world’s only “Micro-fractional” carbon dioxide (CO2) laser. Its unique quality lies in its ability to resurface and rejuvenate both the skin’s external and internal structures. Like other laser treatments, it works by sending short pulses of laser energy to penetrate the skin at a controlled depth, where its heat vaporizes the targeted cells. SmartSkin’s ablative qualities remove the outermost layers of skin, while the heat from the laser reaches the underlying layers where it remodels the skin by encouraging the formation of new collagen.

As a “fractional” laser, only a given percentage of the targeted area is actually treated. Yet, the entire area benefits from the treatment as your skin cells heal and rebuild. Because less skin is damaged by the laser, the recovery time is shorter than with other, CO2 laser treatments. You can opt for a single, more aggressive session, or a series of less-aggressive sessions spaced over time.

Heal, Not Conceal

Whereas foundation simply covers and conceals, SmartSkin improves your complexion as it replaces deep dull, damaged, and dead skin cells with new, fresh, and healthy ones. SmartSkin treats many of the same issues that women apply foundation for, including:

  • Fine or deep lines and wrinkles
  • Uneven skin tone and texture
  • Areas of discoloration and hyperpigmentation
  • Age spots and sun damage
  • Acne and other scars

SmartSkin is gentle enough to be used on the delicate skin around the eyes. When performed by Dr. Fugo’s experienced hand, SmartSkin can lessen the appearance of dark circles beneath the eyes and smooth crow’s feet—both of which many women painstakingly try to cover with layers of foundation.

With SmartSkin, You Can Say Goodbye to Your Foundation

Dr. Fugo Plastic Surgery is excited to be the first practice to bring SmartSkin to the Hudson Valley. Now, you too can put a flawless face forward—no make-up required.

Call Dr. Fugo Plastic Surgery and Laser Skin Care Center today!

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