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Male Breast Reduction: Be Confident Without Your Shirt!


Fugo, Gynecomastia - ImageThese hot summer days and nights will have you wanting to go shirtless. Are you uncomfortable removing your shirt, revealing what’s underneath? For some men, the simple summer pleasure of going ‘bare up there’ is deterred by gynecomastia—enlarged male breasts. Fortunately, Dr. Fugo offers male breast reduction. Dr. Fugo is able to reduce the size of a man’s enlarged breast and restore a proper contour by removing excess fat and glandular tissue.

You Are Not Alone

Men often feel that they are alone in their struggle. However, gynecomastia is more common than many realize. In fact, up to 65 percent of young men will develop this condition and continue to experience signs of large, puffy, or protruding breasts throughout their lives. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, well over 27,000 male breast reductions were performed in 2015—representing a five percent increase in just the past year and a whopping 35 percent increase since the year the 2000.

A Discreet Solution

No one needs to know. To ensure discretion, Dr. Fugo utilizes a unique procedure in which small incisions are placed on the sides of the chest wall, away from the breast. Typically, complete reduction of the breast volume (both fat and glandular tissue) is accomplished using liposuction alone. Rather than performing direct glandular excision via the traditional method of incising the areola (which leaves a permanent scar on a very visible portion of your chest), a series of specialized liposuction cannulas are utilized, enabling Dr. Fugo to break up the gland into small pieces, all of which are removed through 4mm incisions placed out on the sides of the chest, away from the more visible portions of the chest and breast. In doing so, only several very small incisions are required, thus post-op scarring is nearly imperceptible. In a smaller percentage of cases, a traditional incision on the areola may still be required to remove extremely dense glandular tissue.

With removal of the excess breast tissue accomplished, Dr. Fugo restores a natural, masculine shape and physique to your upper torso.

On Your Way with a Short Recovery

While it is important to allow yourself a healthy and full recovery, healing from male breast reduction is far easier than most men imagine. Reassuring to many men, you will not need to take a lengthy leave of absence from work. Most of Dr. Fugo’s patients are able to return to work within several days with return to full unrestricted activities at just 21 days!

Men! Dr. Fugo can Help Restore Your Confidence

Male breast reduction surgery extends far beyond its physical benefits—as Dr. Fugo tells his male patients, “It’s a game changer.” Together with Dr. Fugo, you’ll feel comfortable and confident in your body. We look forward to helping you achieve a physique that you can flaunt!

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