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Tired of That Tattoo? PicoSure Tattoo Removal

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While a tattoo may be commonplace, it is not uncommon for one to rethink their decision. With over 45 million Americans having at least one tattoo, it is no surprise that a fair number of those turn to plastic surgeons like Dr. Fugo to have them removed. Dr. Fugo is pleased to now offer PicoSure at his New Windsor office.

Harnessing the power of ultra-short pulses—each lasting only one trillionth of a second—the PicoSure laser shatters the ink into tiny dust-like particles that are easily absorbed and eliminated by the body. Excited about PicoSure, Dr. Fugo is confident in saying, “this laser is the gold standard for tattoo removal. Quite simply, any other treatment is inferior”.  

Unique in and of themselves, each tattoo responds differently to treatment. While it may be difficult to foresee how quickly a tattoo will respond, by assessing a number variables, Dr. Fugo can better predict tattoo the success of your treatment.

Influencing Factors

Color of Ink Surprisingly Dark colors such as black, blue, and green are usually the easiest to remove while white, yellow, orange, and red prove to be the most challenging. As Dr. Fugo says, thankfully, the PicoSure laser “effectively targets all pigment colors”.

Age of Tattoo As older tattoos have already faded, they are easier to remove than their younger counterparts.

Size of Tattoo Although tattoo size determines the cost of each treatment session, the size of the tattoo doesn’t predict that additional or fewer treatments are necessary. Unlike “all other lasers” that require an “average of 16 treatments for tattoo removal”, PicoSure “removes an entire tattoo in an average of three treatments”.

Depth & Density of Ink In order for the tattoo to become permanent, the ink must penetrate the secondary layer of the skin known as the dermis. With PicoSure, the laser effectively and deeply penetrates the skin without damaging the uppermost layer of the skin and surrounding tissues.

While most of these factors are out of our control—we can influence these two important factors

Smoking Causing blood vessels to constrict, oxygen distribution is reduced and inhibits wound healing, A 2012 study found that regular smokers may require more treatments in comparison to those who do not smoke.

Sun Exposure It is best to avoid sun exposure immediately before and after each laser removal treatment. Sun exposure may abnormally darken the skin at the site of the tattoo.

Another bonus! Dr. Fugo emphasizes that PicoSure is “far, far less painful than any other laser currently available”. Shouldn’t the removal be less painful that the tattoo procedure?

With the advances in PicoSure laser technology, tattoo removal has become far more efficient and effective. If you are interested in learning more about PicoSure, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Fugo.

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