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What Age is Best for Breast Augmentation?

Three smiling multiethnic young women in casual wear standing together under the bright sunlight at the park having fun and laughingWomen of all ages have chosen Dr. Fugo to perform their breast augmentation, from as early as age 18 to well into their 70’s. If you are wondering about age, it’s likely that you are on either end of this patient age spectrum. In these situations, it’s always best to turn to an experienced provider. Dr. Jonathan Fugo has been performing breast surgery for many years. He can help you decide if it’s the right time in your life for breast augmentation.

A few aspects to consider regarding appropriate age for breast enlargement:

The type of implant and FDA approval. Saline breast implants are FDA-approved for women age 18 and older, while silicone breast implants have been FDA-approved for age 22 and older. These guidelines are a really good starting point because the FDA determined these ages based on rigorous testing for safety and effectiveness. Using silicone implants in a woman younger than age 22 for cosmetic purposes can be done, but it would be considered an “off-label” use.

Physical maturity. If you are 18, 19, or in your 20s, your breasts must be fully developed before breast surgery. Discuss with Dr. Fugo whether your body will continue to develop. If so, you may consider delaying the procedure.

Make this decision for yourself. Breast surgery or any surgery for that matter is a personal choice. It’s all about YOU. It’s important that you are making this decision for yourself and not someone else. Fulfill your own expectations before considering that of others. You must be able to weigh the pros and cons, understand and accept surgical risks, and know that this is a BIG decision. One can certainly have breast implants removed or revised, but that’s not the expectation. Everyone should go into this considering it as a life-long decision.

There’s really no upper age limit! If you are instead concerned that your age is too advanced for breast augmentation, you should know that there really isn’t an upper age limit. Instead, Dr. Fugo will want to make sure that you are in good health and safely undergo an outpatient surgical procedure.

After childbirth and breastfeeding, or simply as a result of the normal aging process, it’s normal for the breasts to drop and lose volume. Dr. Fugo may advise combining your augmentation procedure with a breast lift, which will result in fuller, perkier, more youthful breasts.

Personalized Answers and Candidacy Discussion

If you are interested in breast augmentation, the next step is to discuss your desired goals with experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Fugo. To schedule your consultation in New Windsor, NY, please call our staff at 845-565-7040.

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