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What Does Body Contouring After Major Weight Loss Look Like?

You finally did it. You accomplished the weight loss you’d been striving for! It may have been from proper nutrition, exercise, or weight loss surgery. No matter how you lose that weight, you may now have a new problem……Significant excess skin. A large amount of loose skin among various body areas is very common after massive weight loss. It can feel a bit defeating putting in the hard work, achieving better health. hoping to look better, only to struggle with a new body issue. Thankfully, body contouring can give your body a second transformation after major weight loss. Let’s take a look at what body contouring after major weight loss looks like.

Body Contouring

Body contouring has two goals, to remove loose skin and soft tissue while improving the shape and tone of underlying structures. However, the primary goal is the removal of loose skin. Your skin starts out very elastic, forming firmly around your body as you gain weight. However, large amounts of weight gain will stretch the skin, damaging its elasticity. This damaged skin will have a hard time contracting and readjusting after you lose weight. While things like proper skin care, gradual weight loss and young age can help reduce the amount of loose skin you develop, these factors can’t eliminate loose skin entirely. Body contouring uses a combination of techniques to remove loose skin from all over the body.

Arm Lift

An arm lift is a common part of the body contouring process after weight loss. The underside of the arms often develops large amounts of loose skin. This skin often looks like some sort of “wings” underneath your arms. An arm lift will surgically remove this loose skin.

Thigh Lift

It is common to develop loose skin around the thighs as you lose weight. A thigh lift can surgically remove this loose skin.

Lower Body Lift

A lower body lift is the largest part of the body contouring process. This includes removing loose skin from the abdomen, ground, outer thighs, and buttocks.

Breast Lift

A breast lift may be necessary for female patients who developed loose skin on their breasts or had their breasts excessively sag because of weight gain.

Ditching the Loose Skin

Loose skin can be an emotional and social roadblock after weight loss. Our team at Dr. Fugo Plastic Surgery understands that you’ve already put in the work and should reap the rewards without loose skin. Let Dr. Fugo’s expert body contouring get you back on track. Dr. Fugo is an experienced plastic surgeon who brings his expertise to every procedure. If you’re considering body contouring, contact Fugo Plastic Surgery at 845-565-7040 today.


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