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What to Look for in Before and After Photos for Breast Augmentation

Beautiful brunette woman posing in red lingerie, bodysuit.Many patients, when planning their breast augmentation, get a little inspiration or assistance from photos. Before and after photos, in particular, can be quite helpful in pinpointing the kind of change that is desired. Fugo Plastic Surgery has a robust before and after gallery of breast procedures. While the images found on our site, or on other plastic surgery sites, can provide some guidance, you need to know exactly how they can work for you as you navigate your surgical journey. Here, we discuss what to look for as you peruse images of breast augmentation results.

Extensive Gallery

One reason it is beneficial to observe a doctor’s before and after gallery is that it gives you a sense of the number of procedures they perform. The number of breast procedures the doctor has performed translates into experience, and experience translates into you getting the best results based on your body type, lifestyle, and preferences.

Diversity in Body Type

Breast augmentation is a highly customized procedure that involves much more than choosing between saline or silicone implants. It is important that you find before and after photos that reflect your body proportions. This can help you better determine the size and profile of breast implant that would best suit your body frame. In our gallery, you can find examples of patients with subtle size increases or more dramatic enhancement. You can see patients who are thinner with little body fat and patients who are naturally curvier. The diversity in our gallery exemplifies Dr. Fugo’s experience treating a wide variety of patients.

Natural-Looking Curves

Breast augmentation has been a popular procedure for so long that it has transitioned through trends in body type. Of the many breast revision surgeries that are sought today, the majority of them are performed to refine the shape and size of the breasts to better align with the patient’s current cosmetic goals. The primary goal that patients express is wanting natural-looking proportions.

Breast Symmetry

The correction of breast asymmetry is a common reason for having breast augmentation. A before and after gallery can help you begin to observe your doctor’s experience with this problem. Most women have some degree of breast asymmetry, with one breast slightly larger than the other. More dramatic imbalance requires a skilled eye and the expert use of different-sized breast implants to achieve a symmetrical look.

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