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Labiaplasty Makes the List

In last month’s blog, we briefly mentioned that the American Society of Plastic Surgery included labiaplasty amongst its list of yearly statistics. This marks the first time that the ASPS tracked and included data on this increasingly popular form of female rejuvenation. This has left many women wondering, “Why labiaplasty?” and “Why now?

What Is Labiaplasty?

In 2016, 12,666 women chose to improve the quality of their lives with labiaplasty—a 39 percent increase in just one year!

Labiaplasty addresses or corrects uneven, misshapen, stretched or otherwise aesthetically displeasing labial appearance. While there is no “normal” per say, some women find that their nether region causes them either physical or emotional discomfort. Labiaplasty enhances the appearance of the labia by addressing both the size and shape of the labia. During labiaplasty, Dr. Fugo is able to surgically lift and reshape the labia minora and majora—ultimately, creating a more manageable and flattering form.

Why Are Women Increasingly Choosing Labiaplasty?

Women choose labiaplasty for far more than just aesthetic improvement. Labiaplasty is able to increase comfort during exercise, sexual intimacy and can make previously difficult or painful daily activities manageable. After their labiaplasty with Dr. Fugo, women are able to feel more confident wearing form fitting clothing like workout pants, particular underwear styles and swimsuits.

Why Is Labiaplasty More Popular Now?

As Dr. Fugo explains to his patients, “most of the labiaplasty procedures I perform are done to alter or enhance very normal anatomical variations”. These variations are very personal and private to a woman, thus are not typically discussed openly amongst women. Dr. Fugo further explains “with the rise of the internet age and changes in media platforms of all kinds, the nude female form is readily and frequently visualized. This has brought about a new view or new ideal of what the normal or desired female anatomy should reflect. Combine this with the reality that the female genitalia was once a hair bearing region, which is no longer the case in most circumstances. Quite simply, women are now fully appreciating the visual appearance that was at one time not so well visualized.”

With the various procedures performed at our New Windsor practice, Dr. Fugo sees many of his patients on a regular basis. “Many of my patients and I have ongoing, longstanding professional relationships. They feel more comfortable discussing all areas of their body that they may be interested in addressing.” It’s true, more than ever, our patients place their trust in Dr. Fugo—even regarding their most intimate areas.

Is Labiaplasty with Dr. Fugo Right for You?

As with any surgical procedure, it is important to visit a board certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Fugo, for a detailed evaluation. During your consultation, the two of you will discuss your goals and decide together if labiaplasty is right for you.

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