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To Fill or Not to Fill?

As we age, our face loses volume due to a decrease of collagen production, loss of the collagen that we once had and loss of the much needed fat deposits of youth. Many people don’t know that restoring a youthful facial appearance no longer means surgery. This is accomplished using non-surgical injectable “fillers”.

New York board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Fugo artfully works with his facial clients to bring back that cheek definition and reduce lines and wrinkles associated with the inevitable aging process. He accomplishes this using a variety of injectable “fillers”. Each of these fillers is used differently for specific concerns, specific areas of the face, unique properties of each filler as well as unique budgets amongst Dr. Fugo’s patients.

What exactly are “Fillers”?

Dr. Fugo explains to his patients, “With few exceptions, all fillers essentially work in the same manner. These are millions of tiny molecules packaged in a sterile syringe. Each molecule attracts water. These molecules simply draw in water to the specific area in which the molecule is placed, inducing well-controlled, focal swelling or fullness in the area adjacent to these molecules.” Dr. Fugo goes on to say “These molecules of various brands are different size molecules. The larger the molecule, the more volume it provides, the longer it lasts. The smaller the molecule, the less volume, the less time it lasts.” Which filler is right for you? A visit with Dr. Fugo will provide all of the answers you’re in search of.

When Will I See Improvements?

You can expect mild-moderate swelling and possibly minor bruising with any injections. However, results are immediate. Dr. Fugo explains to each patient, “this is the best part of fillers…the immediate gratification. There’s nothing else quite like it.”

We can guess your follow-up question: how long are the results good for? It depends upon the filler and the area of the face that’s injected. Results can be seen anywhere from 6 months out to more than 2 years.

When should I start?

A simple rule of thumb here: The earlier (younger) you start, the less you’ll need at any point in your life. We begin lose our facial volume at approximately age 23. That means that every year from then on, we lose a percentage of our much needed facial volume.

Gone are the days of plastic surgery being taboo. Aging is unavoidable indeed and aging gracefully is certainly the goal. However, even graceful aging takes a bit of effort.


How Do I Get Started?

Whether you are completely sold on the incredible filler options or you just want to learn more about your options, our team at Dr. Fugo Plastic Surgery in New Windsor would love to meet with you and discuss these exciting products. Your treatment plan will be personalized to your aesthetic goals so those wrinkles, sunken cheeks, or pesky marionette lines will be addressed directly. Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Fugo today to start your journey to graceful aging.


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