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Dr. Fugo Plastic Surgery, always bringing the most advanced options available…anywhere! Meet CoolSculpting® CoolAdvantage™!

It is hard to believe that CoolSculpting has been on the market for nearly a decade. Since its introduction, CoolSculpting has been the gold standard in non-surgical fat reduction. Dr. Fugo is happy to say CoolSculpting has done it again with the introduction of its latest applicators: CoolSculpting CoolAdvantage! Utilizing the same patented cooling technology, the CoolAdvantage system of applicators streamlines the CoolSculpting treatment. Faster treatment times, larger volume fat reduction…..What more could one ask for?

Designed with You in Mind

With CoolAdvantage, the redesigned applicators boasts shorter and far more comfortable treatments. By changing the shape and contour of the applicators, CoolAdvantage is able to sit closer to the surface of the skin, thereby increasing the direct contact with the skin. The applicator is able to provide consistent cooling across a larger target area. In addition to its newly designed applicator, CoolAdvantage cools at one degree Celsius less than traditional CoolSculpting.

Shorter Treatment Time

Dr. Fugo is able to achieve the same great results in half the time. Whereas traditional CoolSculpting takes one hour, a treatment with the new CoolAdvantage applicator takes only 35 minutes!

A More Comfortable Experience

As a non-surgical treatment, CoolSculpting has always been considered relatively pain-free. The newly designed CoolAdvantage applicator is now painless. As Dr. Fugo tells his patients, “I personally underwent a CoolSculpting treatment with the new CoolAdvantage applicator. Having undergone prior treatments with the older, original applicators, there was absolutely no comparison. The CoolAdvantage treatment is completely comfortable and painless. Quite simply, the skin isn’t being pulled or stretched as it was with the old applicators.” Other CoolSculpting heads rely heavily on suctioning and sandwiching the skin between two plates. CoolAdvantage, on the other hand, is able to sit on the surface of the skin. In a clinical study, data shows that CoolAdvantage’s new cup design led to a 45 percent increase in patient comfort. When asked, 85 percent of study participants preferred CoolAdvantage. Patients also experienced 82 percent less bruising because of the decreased need for suction.

More Treatment Options

The CoolAdvantage applicator expands the number of areas that CoolSculpting is able to treat. CoolAdvantage takes advantage of three interchangeable applicators that fit perfectly with the contours of your body. Otherwise hard to target areas are now accessible with CoolAdvantage, including:

  • Vertical areas of fat such as the inner knees
  • Abdominal “etching” for refining that desired “6-pack”
  • Flanks, love handles and the dreaded “muffin top”

CoolSculpting Keeps Getting Better at Dr. Fugo Plastic Surgery

More than ever, Dr. Fugo is able to help his New Windsor patients achieve a slim physique with CoolSculpting. “Thus far, I’ve seen outstanding results with CoolSculpting CoolAdvantage, far superior to the already excellent results I was achieving with the original applicators.” Dr. Fugo can’t wait to show you what CoolAdvantage can do for you!

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