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The Top Three Reasons Why Women Want Breast Augmentation

What drives women to get breast implants? Their responses might surprise you. While we tend to think that women want implants only to make their breasts larger, the truth is that women choose to undergo breast augmentation for many different reasons. In fact, every woman that Dr. Fugo sees at his New Windsor plastic surgery practice has a unique motivation as to why she wants to augment her breasts.

Enhance Breast Size & Shape

While the “why” may vary greatly, most women choose to get implants simply to normalize their natural breast size or shape. These women seek out breast augmentation because they simply had smaller breasts to start with. Other women desire a more buxom bust line. Still, others seek out breast augmentation because their breast have changed with age, resulting in a bust size, shape or overall appearance they find less desirable than what they once had.

Regardless, breast augmentation is a wonderful way to add fullness and shape to the breasts. When performed by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Fugo, breast augmentation is able to enhance the size of the breast as well as the shape. A strategically placed breast implant can give the breast a rounder, fuller, and shapelier appearance.

Achieve Improved Breast Symmetry

While it is completely normal and expected to have one breast slightly larger or shapelier than the other, some women find that their breasts vary dramatically in size, shape, or position. Dr. Fugo has worked with many women who were embarrassed by a substantial difference between their breasts. Fortunately, breast implants are a wonderful way to correct breast asymmetry and offer women a way to restore symmetry to their breasts. To correct the imbalance, two implants of differing sizes can be used depending on the degree of asymmetry.

Create Balanced Proportions

Women want curves! With breast implants, Dr. Fugo is able to help his patients achieve and highlight a more feminine physique. One of breast augmentation’s best kept secrets is that by emphasizing the breasts, the waist in turn looks smaller and narrower in comparison. This creates curves for women who lack them and further accentuates a naturally curvy women’s figure.

Breast Augmentation with Dr. Fugo Plastic Surgery

No matter the “why”, one thing is for sure— women that choose to get breast implants love their new breasts! Schedule your consultation with Dr. Fugo at his New Windsor practice to find out if breast augmentation can help you achieve your desired aesthetic goals.

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